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About Tong Ren Acupuncture

Tong Ren Acupuncture is located in Flushing, New York and less than 5 minutes walking distance to the Flushing library. The clinic is specialized in acupuncture and natural herbal treatments. Both of the chief acupuncturists have nearly 30 years of practical experience in Chinese medicine. Dr. Tak Chio Cheong is a licensed professional acupuncturist and espertized in Diabetes, Infertility and many other diseases. He has helped numerous of patients and is well-known with a good reputation among the local Chinese community.

the Acupuncturist, Tak Chio Cheong

Dr. Tak Chio Cheong was born into a Chinese medical family and his father, Si Nam Cheong, was awarded by the National Health Department for his invention of the first generation of electro apparatus for acupuncture treatment. His father was very strict with him. Like father, like son, he studied very hard and accomplished a lot of academic achievements during his youth. After graduating from university, Dr. Cheong struck to be one of the best acupuncturists in the whole world. Then he decided to travel abroad and has been to Macau, Brazil and the United States for the past decades. Along his path, he worked as a acupuncturist and helped countless patients from different backgrounds and races.

the Acupuncturist, Wai Chio Cheong

Dr. Wai Chio Cheong is an NGH registered hypnotist, as well as one of the chief members of Tong Ren Acupuncture. Furthermore, he is the younger brother to Dr. Tak Chio Cheong. He has extensive knowledge with pollen allergy. He believes that unbalanced Chi plays one of the very important factor to cause the symptom of pollen allergy. Under his careful treatments, many people's allergies to the pollen have improved tremendously. With no more sneezing, stuffy nose, and watery eyes in the spring, the cured ones live with a pollen-allergy-free life.